Our History


(1904 - Present)

You might be surprised to learn that The Parkway Church is a little over 100 years old. Though our name has changed a couple of times, and we've met in various places over the years, our mission remains the same: to glorify God by making disciples here and around McKinney, TX. Check out the video or scroll below to learn a little more about our beginnings and how we came to be where and who we are today.




A group of believers in the rural community of Foote, TX (just six miles West of McKinney’s downtown square) gathered on Sundays in the Foote Community Schoolhouse—forming what would eventually be known as Foote Baptist Church.




The church constructed a small clapboard building to serve as their sanctuary; this served as their sanctuary for the next 85 years.

Old Chapel.jpg



The city of McKinney began experiencing rapid growth in the late 1980’s. In order to accommodate the increasing traffic, Virginia Parkway (a busy main street cutting through the center of downtown McKinney) was expanded, paving the dirt road leading up to the church’s building. With the community of Foote having been incorporated into the city of McKinney, and with the construction of the new parkway on the church’s property, Foote Baptist Church changed their name to Parkway Baptist Church—praying that they might serve as a path for the people of McKinney to hear the Gospel.




Though the small clapboard chapel had served the rural community around it for many years, McKinney was not so rural anymore; farmland and cow pastures gave way to new shopping centers, grocery stores, and neighborhoods. As new residents began attending Parkway Baptist, the church soon outgrew their property. The chapel was also in rough shape—in constant need of maintenance and renovation. So, Parkway Baptist sold their land and their buildings, and began meeting at Glen Oaks Elementary School (the chapel was restored and moved to McKinney’s Chestnut Square Historic Village where it remains today). Like those who met 89 years ago in the Foote Community Schoolhouse, the people of Parkway hoped to begin again with a renewed vision for sharing the good news of the kingdom in the growing community around them.




Parkway Baptist purchased a large plot of land, again, on Virginia Parkway. On it, they built the red brick church building, which houses our Theological Equipping Class and children’s ministry classrooms today.




Parkway was beginning to outgrow the red brick building. Aiming to accommodate the property for future growth, Parkway’s members raised funds to build a brand new facility with a larger sanctuary. As it tends to happen, the church initially grew with the move into the new sanctuary; however, that growth was short-lived. Additionally, the elders perceived that the church was not reaching the community around them as powerfully as they had hoped. Aware of these challenges, the elders prayerfully began to explore options for the church’s revitalization.




The elders of Parkway Baptist Church elected to officially change the name of the church to The Parkway Church, as part of an intentional commitment to orient the culture of Parkway toward making disciples in McKinney.




We remain committed to our mission to glorify God by making disciples. This mission informs and influences all that we are and all that we do. We believe that trusting and treasuring the sovereignty of God, supremacy of Christ, sufficiency of Scripture, and satisfaction of the gospel is the chief means to our joy. Through expository sermonstheological equipping classes, and community groups, we aim to look more and more like Christ—seeking to minister to individuals and families, and to reach the city of McKinney with the good news of the Kingdom.