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We’re so grateful that you’re considering visiting us in the near future. Whether you've never visited a church before, or you’ve been in church your whole life, we’re excited to meet you. We’re not offended by your doubts or questions. We don’t have it all together (nor do we think it's very life-giving to pretend we do). And we are a group of broken people aiming to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus in the city of McKinney, and beyond.

Visiting a church for the first time isn’t everybody’s favorite thing to do. But, hopefully we can make it a little less daunting by answering some questions you may have. Of course, if you have questions beyond the ones answered here, feel free to send us an email at

What happens on Sunday mornings?

Our worship service begins in our Sanctuary at 10:30a and ends around 12:00p. Our service consists of singing, hearing a sermon that walks line-by-line through a biblical passage, and celebrating the grace of Jesus in communion. At 9:00a in our Chapel, we spend time studying theology in a lecture/class format with a time of Q&A at the end.* Our staff/elders walk through various topics with the goal of theologically equipping the people of Parkway to serve and minister to their friends, families, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Everything we do on Sunday mornings is open to visitors.

What Do You Offer for Kids?

On Sundays, we offer age-appropriate teaching for children age birth through high school: 

At 9:00 a.m., during our Theological Equipping Class (TEC), our Preschool Ministry cares for and teaches the truth of the Scriptures to children from birth through Pre-K. At the same time, we offer Children’s Equipping Classes for Elementary aged kids where we dig a little deeper into the Word through Scripture teaching and memorization.

At 10:30 a.m., during the Worship Service, our Elementary children go to service with their parents, and the Preschool Ministry continues to care for and teach the littlest ones.

At 5:30 p.m., our Youth Ministry (6th - 12 grade) meets at the church for worship, theological study, and fellowship under the leadership of our staff and elders.

What kind of songs do you sing in the service?

We believe that music in the church is extremely important for the spiritual formation of the believer. We believe that music not only provides a means to express our love for God, but also serves as a means of remembering formational truths about who God is and who we are as a result, and as a means of expressing our unity in the Gospel as a congregation (Col. 3:16). So, we sing a mix of hymns and songs both old and new—but our primary focus is magnifying the glory of Christ, and treasuring Him above all in and outside of our corporate gathering (instead of stressing a particular style or “feel” of music). 

What are your beliefs?

Check out our Beliefs page to read through our basic foundational beliefs, our understanding of The Gospel, and our complete Statement of Faith.

WhAt are your sermons/Theological Equipping Classes like?

You can click the appropriate links below to listen to our latest sermon and class. Hopefully that will give you a good feel for what each of these is like!

*Our Theological Equipping Classes meet each Sunday from 9:00am to 10:00am with the exception of the months of December and July. We take breaks from these classes because we believe that regular rhythms of rest are important in the life of the believer.

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